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Image above: Evidence Gradient. 9 ink jet prints displayed as shown. 72 inches by 194 inches. ( dimesions variable ) 2015..


Lemma — A minor result whose sole purpose is to help in proving a theorem.  It is a stepping stone on the path to proving a theorem.


Some of humanity is evolving as societies and as individuals from compulsions of tradition and belief to a greater engagement of science, psychological and intellectual maturity, social evolution, environmentalism, but we have  mostly remained concerned  with self and humanity (at best).  It seems evident that to save humanity from itself we must also understand and save the nature we effect and begin to see our place in it. Part of this is beyond only the new, it is also to better understand and re-engage with some age old practices and ways too.   The divine understood by inquiry and consilience? We are an animal, a "neural net profile", a microbiota, a cosmic traveler. We are nature too.

Can art engage in better understanding, expressing and communicating that? I don't know if that is impact but these ideas are the motivational content of LEMMA.  Another is my compulsion in seeing and expressing beauty.


Please note that some of the original files for LEMMA are enormous and the compression neccesary to view some of it on this website  can't fully show the delicacy and subtleties in the original work.  For example the horizontal streaks in Evidence Gradient above are not in the actual artwork.  I am looking into correcting this .


The video files provided will be in ProRes 422 (HQ) format




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