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Robert Gaylor

Artist’s Feelings/Intentions.


A Museum asked me for this.  I thought it was a worthwhile question.  See some visual examples to the right of the text.


In the 3rd grade I was asked by my home room teacher to make a drawing in colored chalks once every month to cover a vacant slate blackboard. At age 10-12 I had a private tutor in drawing from the Art Institute of Chicago. I was fortunate to study with painter Curtis Stocking. My first exhibition after leaving school was in 1963 at the long defunct Madison Gallery in New York and remained active into the early eighties.  I made the decision in 2005 to return to devote myself to making art.


I keep notebooks with notations and small drawings ( See KaOhe at right a current work in progress based on the sound of a bamboo forest) , scraps, notations and clippings, and also snapshots, video bites, sound recordings, and objects. ( I keep several cabinets, and lockers –see image)  These are ideas ,fragments, layers of content, and reminders for new work.


Everything has many layers of content. As Aristotle decided,   form can only be known through its content  and content through its form.   ( good read on this is “On the Manner of Addressing Clouds” by Thomas McEvilly, Art Forum, Summer  1984.) He thoughtfully excerpted from  Wallace Stevens…


”it was when I said there is no such thing as the truth “​


That the grapes seemed fatter.​


The fox ran out of his hole.


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