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Robert Gaylor

Artists Resume 

Born , 1937 in South Bend ,  Indiana

Education:  Purdue University BSME 1961, with  Major in Painting.  


Artist:      1961 to present

Selected  Projects, Installations, Exhibitions.

1963-67     Madison Gallery , NYC.  Painting  exhibitions.
1969 -72    Pittsburgh Fair Witness, Publisher, contributed  Illustrations and drawings
1972           Cinematek ,  Brussels, Belgium.  Exhibition and collection,  Films
1972           Nyon Film Festival.  Nyon,  Switzerland.
1973           Pittsburgh Filmmakers Gallery,      Polaroid photographs and Films.
1974           Carnegie Museum of Art,     Exhibition and collection,   Films
1975           Moore College of Art,   Inter Arts Installation
1975 -78    Photopia  Gallery, Philadelphia.    Represented by Photopia with several photography
1976          Pittsburgh  Filmmakers  Gallery.  Photographs,  Drawings, Films,  Xerography.
1977          San Francisco Art Institute,  Four and Seven; Installation Invitational.  Firefly  Suite
1977          Antioch College Museum of Art  ,  solo Film Exhibition
1978          Antioch College  Museum of Art,  solo Xerography.
1979          University of Colorado Art Center,   solo Film Installation.  Firefly Suite
1979          Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  Film Exhibition,
1983          Museum of Fine Arts ( Santa Fe )  and   University of New Mexico Museum of Art, Video as. 
                   Attitude ;  Video Installation “Suspension of  Disbelief”
1984          Armory for the Arts. Santa Fe.      Firefly Suite Performance/ Choreography /  Installation  with
                   Dancer    Leslie  Satin.
1986           New York University, Photography Gallery.  Solo Polaroid  Photography and Drawing.
1988*         Graham Gallery, Albuquerque.  Drawings ,  Polaroid  photography. * Date is a guess


From  1989  through  1995  continued making new work although consumed by the day
to day running of CCA  . (  I considered  CCA  a   “Piece”).  I stopped exhibiting during this
period.   Produced dozens of notebooks  with  drawings , diagrams, and notation for  future work .

2005         Returned to full time art practice.  
1995 – present      Carried out several Design commissions or projects.
2006.        Anthology Film Archive, New York.    solo film  survey.  ( 6  films )
2008.        William Shearburn Gallery, Santa Fe.    Sculpture., “Drop,Stack and Lean”
2009         William Shearburn Gallery, Santa Fe,    group show.  Drawing
2010         Linda Durham Contemporary Arts, solo sculpture, photography.

2010         Margaret Thatcher Projects, NYC.   “Appropriate Associations”,  sculpture ,  photography.
2010         New Mexico Museum of Art,   “Case Studies From  the Bureau of Contemporary Art”. Group
                  Exhibition, 40 artists selected from the collection.
2011         New Mexico Museum of Art, Video Installation,     Kamilo: Twisted  Waters.
2012         Design Museum, UC Davis.  Gyre: Regarding a Tragedy of the Commons. Solo exhibition.

2013         Axle Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM   Descanso for the Pine Forest  solo installation

2014         Axle Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM   Rage Management Device  Artists Tools  group show

2015         Peters Projects, Santa Fe, NM      Bearing in Mind    Installation    

2015-16   Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Pa.     Silver to Steel.  group show.

2016-17   Circadian Rhythms ,  New dance work       Visual artist/collaborator with  choreographer/dancer Molissa Fenely ,with                      composer Peter Garland.  Solo piano live by Sarah Cahill.   tentative premier 10/18  Mills College

Public Collections:
Carnegie Museum of Art,  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Anthology Film Archives,   NYC
San Francisco Art Institute.
New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM

Hess Collection,  Bern, Switzerland

Arts Organizations:
1971-1977         Co-Founded and was Board President of Pittsburgh Filmmakers.
1978.                   Co-Founded  Rising  Sun Media Arts Center, Santa Fe, NM.
1979-1995         Co-Founded  the Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe  ( CCA ) with Linda Klosky  and
                             was  Executive  Director  and  Curator of  several  hundred  exhibitions  and  performances.
1985-91.             Co- founder  and  Board member of National Association of Artists Organizations ,
                             Washington, DC.
1987                    Led formation of the Santa Fe Arts Commission with City Councilor  Peter Goodwin.
1988-1995.        Co-Founded  and  was  COO  of The Teen Project in Santa Fe. 
                             Developed its programs and  direction.    (  Now  known as Warehouse 21. )
1993                    Co-Founded  with Linda Kloskey the  Deep West Consortium, a regional performing arts
                             presenting organization in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah.
1973 - present.    Panelist and consultant  to Foundations  and Arts Agencies. National
                              Endowment for the Arts; Nathan Cummings Foundation; Rockefeller  
                              Foundation; Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation; City of Los Angeles, State of
                              New Mexico, State of Arizona, Railyard Stewards RAC and several others.

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