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Ants  may account for a quarter of all terrestrial animal matter,  about the same as humans. They’re found everywhere except Antarctica .


E. O.Wilson writes, “Eusociality, was one of the major innovations in the history of life,….comparable to the conquest of land by aquatic animals, created super­organisms, the next level of biological complexity above that of organisms……All animal species that have achieved eusociality, without exception, at first built nests  and defended  them.”  This , of course includes us.


Over a period of a day assisted by Filip Celander I took a series of still photographs of the Rough Harvester Ants ,   Pogonomyremex rugosus ,  removing green glass beads that I trickled into their nest.  The 6,600 still photographs have been animated into a video projection loop of 3 minutes 40 seconds that I am calling  Eusocial Ring.

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