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Between 1972 and 1978 I made 23 films that ranged in duration from 60 seconds to30 minutes.  The content and form of these works varied widely. The  four pieces selected here represent that range.  The artist film scene at the time was one of experimentation  and personal vision as are these. Unless otherwise noted I was the only person involved. All digitized by Fotokem.

1972 Democratic National Convention., -16mm film, sound, black and white.5 min. 55 sec.


This a spontaneous documentary of a photography class who were simultaneously watching the convention on TV. Passing through the studio I saw this and was immediately struck with the scene going on. Everyone was amenable to my request  to film. Within minutes I was able to assemble a Bolex 16mm manual wind camera and Tandberg tape deck and filmed and sound recorded during the George Wallace and George McGovern  nominations. Sound recording , Stephany  Beroes

State of Bearing in Mind

1973, 16mm film, sound, 5 min. 11 sec.  This is a film about the light and the space in and from my apartment which I was about to leave after 10 years.

Firefly Suite #1   - 16 mm film installation/projection ,1976.   Shown here.   Fireflies lighting on raw 16 mm film.  10 minutes. Silent.        ( also see film strip).


Firefly Suite #2 -   not shown ,16 mm film , 12  minutes. Silent, 1976.  At dusk at a meadow in a ring of trees. Fireflies lighting, time-lapse fade  to black with fireflies lighting .A black field with random blinking yellow light points.   


Firefly Suite #3 - not shown( 16 mm film installation ) 1976. Gallery scale two  screen projection at 90 degrees. Expanding and contracting pure blue and yellow light from corner.  16mm film.  14 minute loop.


Firefly Suite#4 ( sound recording ) nocturnal insect voices. Played with FFS #3.



1974, 16mm, silent. Add time. In my 1888 Victorian house I restored the big kitchen in which a family of mice took up residence. There was also the cat Karu who took notice.  I glassed in a section of countertop such that I could approach their goings on without notice, of which I filmed. These were edited together with animated visual rythms I made.

All post production at the Pittsburgh Filmakers facilities.

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