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I am devoted to and in love with the natural world and am fascinated with the sciences that observe, study and describe them.

Firelight,  Polaroid photograph ( firefly exposing itself on raw SX-70 film ) 1976 ( Also Firefly Suite (see below) is  a large scale film installation consisting of 3 separate 16mm projections,1976) See Films section.


Firefly Suite#1
( 16 mm film installation/projection ) 1976. Fireflies lighting on raw 16 mm film.  10 minutes. Silent. Film strips at right.

Firefly Suite #2 - not shown
( 16 mm film installation ) 1976. At dusk at meadow in a ring of trees. Fireflies lighting, timelapse fade  to black with fireflies lighting .  12  minutes. silent

Firefly Suite#3
( 16 mm film installation ) 1976. Gallery scale two  screen projection at 90 degrees. Expanding and contracting pure blue and yellow light from corner.  16mm film.  14 minutes.

Firefly Suite#4
( sound recording ) nocturnal insect voices. Played with FFS #3.

Firefly Suite#5.
Light box with custom rewinds for viewing film strips. Shown as gallery sculpture. 
See at right.

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