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I recognize that humans are still evolving. The personal and social behavior of humanity generally are not yet appropriately evolved either.  To exacerbate that or because of that there are far too many of us.   It is destroying the geophysical and biological environments. We are so clever but not so wise.


Poetic Archaeology , 2005-ongoing, sculpture from found recycled plastic, about 60 made to date, some with photomatrix.


Untitled, 4x5 transparency, 1987-digitized 2008  -  16 x 24   ink jet print . Has not been exhibited.

Special Effects, series,  12 ( currently )  -  34 x 34   ink jet prints of Nuclear Bomb Effects devices issued during the cold war. 2010 and 2011. Interactive software simulating bombing any place on earth, also estimating the metrics of destruction.  With Suby Bowden. Have not been exhibited.



Also, go to Recent Work on the  Home Page for  GYRE: Regarding a Tragedy of the Commons; 1460/65 and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

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